Ragtrader Radio

Ragtrader Radio logo

Working with Ragtrader, Southern Skies Media are producing Ragtrader Radio, delivering a ‘behind the seams’ look at the Australian fashion industry.

Hosted by Imogen Bailey, associate editor of Ragtrader, Ragtrader Radio delivers a in-depth look at the Australian fashion industry. The podcast features interviews with leaders of major clothing, footwear and accessories brands to unearth business insights for fashion professionals. Tune in to Ragtrader Radio and discover the latest news, trends and analysis from one of Australia’s most respected fashion business platforms.

The Print Files

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Working with Print21, Southern Skies Media are producing the The Print Files, bringing you the inside story on the printing industry.

Hosted by Wayne Robinson, Editor of Print21, the Print Files delivers in-depth news and editorial coverage of the printing industry including the latest news, expert opinion and business advice, insightful reports on industry issues and trends, new products, the latest research and technology developments, and updates on print industry developments. Tune in for entertaining and informative interviews with industry leaders, change drivers and experts across all aspects of printing.

Food & Drink Business Podcast

Working with Food & Drink Business, Southern Skies Media are producing the Food & Drink Business Podcast, bringing you your on the go bite of the food & beverage industry.

Hosted by Kim Berry, Editor of Food & Drink Business with assistance from Grant McHerron of Southern Skies Media, the podcast features discussions on various aspect of the industry, including interviews with CEOs, change drivers and industry experts, insights from start-ups to global companies, explorations into trends and consumer behaviour plus foodtech and processing tech advances.

PKN Packaging News: The Podcast

Working with PKN Packaging News, Southern Skies Media are producing the PKN Packaging News: The Podcast airing discussions on all things packaging, highlighting innovation, design and sustainable packaging initiatives that are moving the industry forward towards a circular economy and meeting our national packaging targets.

Hosted by Lindy Hughson, Managing Editor and Publisher of PKN Packaging News with assistance from Grant McHerron of Southern Skies Media, the podcast looks at exciting industry projects and community initiatives, covers technology and material developments and includes interviews with industry leaders, change drivers and experts across all aspects of packaging.

Australian Defence Magazine Podcast

Working with Australian Defence Magazine, Southern Skies Media are producing the Australian Defence Media Podcast covering topics related to developments within the Australian Defence Force, the Australian Defence Industry environment, the economics of Defence and strategic planning of interest to the Australian region.

Co-hosted by Grant McHerron of Southern Skies Media, Katherine Ziesing, Managing Editor of ADM, and Ewen Levick, ADM’s Associate Editor, the aim of the series is to offer a blend of topical and sponsored content that brings together discussions from Defence, industry, academia and experts from a range of speakers. The various topics and themes will be explored in a conversational way including a focus on innovation and R&D efforts with coverage of the SME community as well as the Defence Primes.

Airwaves by Aviation Trader

Airwaves Podcast Logo

The Airwaves by Aviation Trader podcast was started by Steve & Grant working with Tony Shaw from the Aviation Trader magazine. The podcast ran during 2019 and 2020 with Steve & Grant hosting the show while Aviation Trader staff provided the editorial direction.

Sadly, COVID killed the market and stopped production of the show. The show was wound up when Aviation Trader was purchased by Sandhills.

An archive of the Airwaves by Aviation Trader episodes can be found on Southern Skies Media’s Airwaves by Aviation Trader site.

Australia Desk

Australia Desk Logo

Australia Desk Logo

Steve & Grant have been producing Australia Desk segments for the Airplane Geeks since 2009. More than just a news report, many of those produced include quirky views on the topics at hand, commentary and, in many instances, radio-play level audio production around themes associated with the news items.

Originally produced weekly, the Australia Desk has reduced to an “as required” segment based on availability and news worthy items. The full collection of Australia Desk segments can be found within each Airplane Geeks episode but also on the dedicated Australia Desk site.