Welcome to Southern Skies Media

Southern Skies Media have been providing audio/visual content & services since 2009, including internationally acclaimed podcasts, voice over services, radio shows, short format video content, DVDs, audio production services and air show commentary.

Originally created as Southern Skies Online Media by Steve Visscher and Grant McHerron from their early aviation podcast experiences, we have expanded beyond the online world and into other content channels including Defence, culinary, music, news and sport.

Southern Skies Media’s experienced team of audio/visual talent will work with you to ensure your project is a success.

Podcasts (Online Radio Shows):

We have hosted and produced a number of podcasts for our clients, covering news, interviews and audio magazine format experiences. When working on your podcast, we can:

  • Coordinate guests
  • Coordinate interview sessions including checking sound, briefing guests, etc
  • Co-host interviews
  • Produce audio to high quality
  • Provide ready to use, radio quality audio files

We also provide initial drafts of episode titles and show notes based on the contents of each episode, ready for you to edit prior to release. If required, we can even host the podcast and provide audience engagement statistics.

Click on the images below for details about each show.

Aviation DVDs:

Audio production:

In addition to hosting & producing podcasts, we also work with our clients to perform behind the scenes production services for their own podcasts and other audio projects. Beyond hosting & interviewing guests, we can take raw audio files recorded by the hosts, edit them and merge them with other audio artefacts as required to produce hiqh quality episodes. Click on each image for details.

Airshow Commentary:

We have also performed commentary at airshows around Australia, ranging from outback shows while standing on the back of a truck through to some of Australia’s biggest airshows. Here’s a list of the most recent airshows our team have appeared at (click on the name for details):